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September 28, 2010 7 komentar

At, your experience is of utmost important. We want you to earn money and promote your website here, while meeting new friends and having fun in the process.

Hereby we would like to invite you, all authors, as well as bloggers, webmasters and search engine optimization specialists to join latest search engine optimization (SEO) contest for the year 2010. Test and hone your SEO skills, learn and improve your SEO techniques while stand a chance to earn the prize. Master your SEO expertise and get extra cash in the process.

Please note this is unlike any SEO contest you have joined or seen before. It is a totally new concept, so read the rules carefully. It’s going to be both very challenging and exciting at the same time. You’d most likely earn some money and make some friends along the competition.

Here are the details of Search Engine Optimization contest 2010, please read the rules carefully.

Starting date:
Sunday, 1st August 2010
12:00 noon Singapore Time / GMT+8

End date:
Sunday, 31st October 2010
12:00 noon Singapore Time / GMT+8

Search term:
my blogpost

Search engine qualifiers: (To filter out most of the irrelevant results)

Rules and Mechanics for the SEO Contest 2010 (August – October 2010)

  1. This SEO Contest will revolve around To join the contest, you need to create an account at All members of are automatically enrolled. No further registration step is necessary.
  2. Your entry page will be your Evoire profile page (replace username with your own username). That will be the only format of acceptable entry page.
  3. For the purpose of this competition, any listings other than in the search engine results will not be counted.
  4. In order to win the contest, your profile page need to place first on Google for the search term within the qualifier.
  5. Winner will be determined at the contest End date. In order to win the first prize, your entry must place first in Google (organic rankings) for the search term at the End date
  6. Prizes for 2nd place and 3rd place will be awarded based on entry placing in the corresponding positions in Google at the End date
  7. The final ranking will be checked using the following search query:
  8. This is an international search engine optimization competition. Anyone can join as long as it doesn’t break the law in your country.
  9. Each contestant is allowed to register for only one account. If you have more than one account at, all your accounts will be disqualified from competition. This will be determined solely at team discretion.
  10. You are not allowed to use any words from the search term in your username , nickname , or display name. Exception for username will be made for accounts registered before the search term is announced. Please change your nickname or display name if it contain the search term.
  11. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior are permitted.
  12. Participants using black hat techniques such as spamming, hidden text, page cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc will be disqualified.
  13. We reserve the sole and final words on determining valid entries and winning entries.
  14. We reserve the right to add, amend, or remove any of these rules as we see fit to do so.
  15. The official URL for this SEO Contest is at . If there is any unclear information, refer here.
  16. More details will be announced as we progress. Bookmark this page and check back frequently.
  17. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Content Guidelines applies. SEO Contest 2010 Prizes
The prizes for the SEO competition are as follows:

  • 1st – Prize = US$450 (Rank #1)
  • 2nd – Prize = US$150 (Rank #2)
  • 3rd – Prize = US$100 (Rank #3)
  • 4th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #4)
  • 5th – Prize = US$50 (Rank #5)

(More prizes will be added if there are more participants)
Prizes will be sent via Paypal.

For Indonesian participants, if you are one of the winners, you will have the option of either Paypal payment or we can sent the prize money via local bank transfer (BCA or Bank Mandiri) at US$1 = Rp 9000.

We welcome volunteers to provide bank transfer as alternative payment method for these countries: Philippines, Malaysia, India. How it works: If there is any winner from your country, I would provide you with the winner’s banking information so you can help to transfer prize money in local currency to the winner. I will transfer the fund to you via Paypal once the winner confirmed received the money in his/her bank account. Exchange rate to the winner should be based on your country’s leading bank website. Your name will be mentioned on this page with a link to your website/blog. If you are keen, pleasecontact us.

Search Engine Optimization Tips For Contestants

  • Understand the difference of this contest with other SEO contests. This SEO contest poses a relatively higher difficulty and challenge.
  • Due to the entry page being the profile page, you have less control on the on-page optimization. Be creative.
  • Some ways to build content for the profile pages are: status updates, posting articles, and commenting on blog posts.
  • You can post articles with the search term within or in other sites. Take note that the search term is already a very natural word and it should be quite easy to make the links to be sensible and relevant within articles. Please do not stuff your articles with the search terms. Specifically in, articles that use the search term insensibly will not be approved.
  • As a profile page, there is also less avenue for you to build your inbound link. Contrast this with a blog post where there is almost limitless number of social bookmarking sites that you can utilize to build link. Again, you need to be creative and think outside the box.
  • Black hat techniques such as spamming, hidden text, page cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc are strictly not allowed.

Contest Discussions
We welcome participants discussions here (via comments below) and our promojunkie thread (registration required).